Carolina Ledergerber is a certified Professional Organiser, an officially recognised KonMari Consultant tidying expert, and Founder of simplytidy.ch.

Mesmerised by the potential of spaces since childhood, Carolina would spend hours with her nose buried in house plan magazines, editing and curating layouts, transforming them into ideal living spaces for her future family.

After enjoying a successful international career within both the business consulting and technology sectors, Carolina applied the KonMari Method® wholeheartedly to her home as an overwhelmed new mother in 2015, and the resulting transformation was so dramatic and life-changing (including selling her home, parting with the majority of her belongings, packing up the babies, and hitting the road in a bright orange VW camper for the next 2.5 years!) that becoming a Certified KonMari Consultant was the only logical next step!

Since then Carolina has not only been helping clients across the globe to transform their living spaces into calm, joy-filled places, but she has also had the honour of being selected by the KonMari organisation itself as an official KonMari Panelist, to help onboard and motivate other aspiring Professional Organisers. Drawing upon a diverse background in Engineering, Architecture, and Mindfulness, she has provided her expertise across several domains, and specialises in helping families optimise their spaces, staging elegant homes for sale, and is especially renowned for conceptualising how to get the most out of a challenging space.

Additional Credentials

Originally from Canada but based in Switzerland since 2008, Carolina has been fortunate enough to have previously lead a dynamic, transatlantic career, across several major cities including Zurich, Paris, London, Stockholm, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa, and is happy to be able to offer services in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Carolina holds an Engineering Degree from Queen’s University, Canada, with final year project focus on Home Efficiency, a Certificate in French & Architecture from the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France, where she completed an Internship at the Nancy School of Architecture, as well as having completed the Advanced Principles & Practice of Mindfulness program at McMaster University, Canada.

Carolina is also a proud mother of 2 little ones, who eagerly enjoy helping her fold and put away clothes whenever they can…even if someone else may occasionally have to perform a little bit of “re-folding” afterwards!