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Transform your home into a place of beauty, function, and tranquility.

Welcome to simply tidy, with Carolina Ledergerber.

I believe immensely in the power of restoring your home into THE place where you can recharge your senses; where you are surrounded by dedicated, functional, joy-filled spaces; where your values and interests are given top priority. With today’s modern, chaotic lifestyles it is more important than ever to ensure our homes and work spaces help restore harmony and equilibrium into our lives and not leave us feeling overwhelmed or “stuffocated” as soon as we walk through the door.

Our mission at simply tidy is to work one-one-one with you to optimise your space so that it really functions. So that it inspires. So that it sparks joy for you every time you open a closet? Yes that is absolutely our goal!

Whether what you are looking for is more time in your day to fulfil your passions, a lower maintenance lifestyle, less overall clutter, an easier space to clean, a brighter start to your day, or simply a calmer bedroom so that your children can actually sleep better through the night, finally putting your space in order will have a huge knock-on effect in ALL areas of your life.

Simplify your space.

Simplify your life.

And make room for what truly matters to you!